Future proof your home with our
Liveable Home Blueprint

Do you want a forever home that will be able to adapt to anything life throws your way?

We build homes that follow the principles of Adaptable Living, which means our core design features prioritise:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Ease of access

A major benefit of an Adaptable Home is its ability to respond effectively to your changing needs without requiring expensive alterations.

If you do need to make changes these can be easily done in a cost-effective way. This approach can benefit a range of scenarios, including families, anyone with serious injuries, a disability or the aged.

Partner with us to create a timeless home that meets your needs, today, tomorrow and into the future. You could say forever…

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Did you know?

  • It could cost 22 x more to retrofit additions instead of adding them into the initial build
  • A family home accounts for 62% of all falls and slip based injuries
  • 1 in 5 australians have a disability of some type, and 320,000 of these are children
  • Research shows a home will be occupied by a person with a disability at some stage of its life

Features of our Liveable Home Blueprint

The principles of adaptable living, and Livable Housing, means your home is accessible or can easily be made accessible – with the following features:

  • Level entry access into your home creates a safe passage into your house.
  • Wide frames for entrance + internal doors & corridors makes for easy access for prams and wheelchairs.
  • Flat floors throughout the home with no split levels increases safety by eliminating trips, slips and falls.
  • A toilet on the ground (or entry) level that provides easy access.
  • No setdowns in bathrooms to assist with mobility.
  • Reinforcements behind the bathroom and toilet walls for easy retrofit of grab rails down the track.
  • Spacious kitchen for easy and safe access.
  • Laundry with non-slip flooring.
  • Bedroom on the ground floor.
  • Internal stairway.

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